How to Save Money on Travel !

Travel has gotten more expensive over the last few years. Anyone with the need to hit the road or skies knows the costs can be disheartening. So, for these sorts of people, here are the top 10 ways to save money on 21st Century travel.

  1. Stay in Lodge.

Hostels/Lodges are not the crowded, unsafe places of the past. Modern travelers can forget about the seedy bedbug-ridden establishments seen on television and in film. Hostels have become chic. It is the in-thing to stay in one.

The internet has helped increase the desirability of hostels. Since prospective guests from around the world can search for images of rooms and common areas online, owners know they have to maintain appearances.  As a result, these days, many are quite posh! Most are exciting, filled with other guests out looking for a good deal. Best of all, prices are a third of hotels.

  1. Stay in well-known budget hotels.

National budget chains usually require all of their hotels to adhere to certain standards. This all means that travelers can save money without having to stay in a dump. Booking online can often mean additional savings.

  1. Start a frequent flyer account and fly for free.

Almost every airline has a frequent flyer program, which provides various benefits to members. Joining is almost always free. Just present the assigned number when booking travel. After accumulating a certain amount of points, earned on each trip, members can fly for free. Jet Airways and other airlines have frequent flyer programs.

  1. Purchase travel packages that provide accommodations, flights and meals, when possible.

All-inclusive packages can result in tremendous savings. These deals provide all the necessities to make a vacation go well. Because the traveler pays a bulk rate, the total cost is less than it would be had all the different items been paid for separately.

  1. Travel in the off season.

There is a tendency among people to travel during the peak seasons. But, unless one loves being in crowds, there is no need to do so. Off-season travel means better rates and deals. For example, go to the Europe during the winter.

  1. Travel to places that are off the radar.

Most people choose a vacation spot based on word of mouth. They hear about the latest hotspot from their neighbors or coworkers. Big mistake. The trendy locales have the luxury to raise their prices. Spots that go ignored have to lure in travelers. When they need you, they have to be more accommodating.

  1. In general, book early.

As the travel date approaches, airlines and hotels usually raise rates. Yes, there are some last-minute deals. It is more likely that waiting could turn into a disaster. Book early to save for sure. Waiting might mean being unable to find a flight or room, except at exorbitant prices.

  1. Travel on the actual holiday date.

True, it is always expensive to travel during holidays. This fact is because everyone is doing it. Nevertheless, it is also true that travel on the actual holiday is usually light. Most people want to be at their destination on Diwali, for example. So, they all leave beforehand. Airports and hotels can be ghost towns on actual Diwali day.

  1. Join sites dedicated to providing the best deals on travel.

Join cash back sites, which has a veritable smorgasbord of discount codes. Cash Back sites provides cash back for your online shopping. So it’s saving on top of your all coupons and deals. Visit to find out best cash back site in India

Quick Ways to Save Money at The Grocery Store

Rupee Cart

Everyone wants to save money, but sometimes it can seem like quite the mystery. Saving money is not that mysterious, though. It is really just a lot of common sense that your grandmother probably could have told you in the first place. One of the easiest places to save money is at the grocery store. Here are a few quick common sense tips on saving money at the grocery store.

Make Weekly Menus

Many people do not like to do this for various reasons. But having a menu planned out for the week is the best way to make sure you can control your food spending. If you really want to save some money, then base your weekly menus on deals that are currently being offered at your grocery store. This way you will know that the meals you are preparing that week are not only planned out already, but are the absolute best deal you could get.

Make a List

Entering a grocery store without a list is like going on a road trip without GPS. It just is not smart. Make a very detailed list and then remind yourself several times is necessary that you are going to stick to this list and this list only. Base your list on the menu you have made. This will cut out the expensive last minute runs to the store for supplies that were forgotten.

Use Coupons

Coupons are great as long as you do not let them control you. Use coupons when they are helpful. Using cashback sites is another great way people save money and earn money for necessities like groceries. The best shopping Cashback sites are easy to use and really fun. If you think you will use coupons often enough get a subscription to a newspaper in order to have access to the coupons there as well. We here at gives you the comparative review and cash back percentage of all sites.

Check for Sales

Every week browse through the grocery store circulars before going to the store, and make notes of what is on sale.

Don’t buy it because it is on sale

People buy just because it is on sale and don’t use it. So it is waste.  You will spend on something which you don’t need it and it will occupy space in your house and eventually you will end throwing it. So don’t buy something just because it is on sale. Buy only if you want to purchase and use it

Shop Alone

When you shop alone you will stay more focused on sticking to your list and you are less likely to put extra items in your cart. This is especially true if you have children.Children will beg for things in the grocery store. This could throw your entire budget off so shop alone to save the most.


Save up to 10% of energy bills

Do you know about 10% of your energy bills is due to Phantom load.. I am sure you must be thinking what is Phantom load..Don’t get me wrong..Its not some cartoon character Phantom. Phantom load is basically standby power. Electricity consumed by an electronic device while it is turned off or in standby mode. Any power that maintains cell phone charger when not in use, coffeemakers,your laptop charger and dvd/blue ray/audio/tv  connected but not used. Study shows that phantom loads contributing an extra 10% to your energy bill.

Don’t you want to save on this vampire power. Here is what you can do to save and fight with vampire power.

Most simplest solution is to unplug things like charger ( phone,laptop charger ) when not in use.  Unplug coffeemaker,toaster of any other electric equipment which you can unplug it when not needed. You can also your power strip to save on phantom energy.

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