Save up to 10% of energy bills

Do you know about 10% of your energy bills is due to Phantom load.. I am sure you must be thinking what is Phantom load..Don’t get me wrong..Its not some cartoon character Phantom. Phantom load is basically standby power. Electricity consumed by an electronic device while it is turned off or in standby mode. Any power that maintains cell phone charger when not in use, coffeemakers,your laptop charger and dvd/blue ray/audio/tv  connected but not used. Study shows that phantom loads contributing an extra 10% to your energy bill.

Don’t you want to save on this vampire power. Here is what you can do to save and fight with vampire power.

Most simplest solution is to unplug things like charger ( phone,laptop charger ) when not in use.  Unplug coffeemaker,toaster of any other electric equipment which you can unplug it when not needed. You can also your power strip to save on phantom energy.

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