7 Ways College Students can Save Money!!

Save for College is the message on this calculator displaying the words to encourage you to increase your savings to pay for your or your children's future education to earn an advanced school degree


If you are a student, struggling to make ends meet, then you need to know about all the different ways you can save money. You should definitely take advantage of every way to save money that you can find. Each rupee you save will add up and, in the end, make your life a lot easier.

Rent your Text Books Online Or Buy Used TextBooks.

One way you can save money is to rent your textbooks from stores on-line instead of buying them. Textbooks can be prohibitively expensive. You can save a huge amount of money by renting instead of buying. You just have to ensure that you take care of the textbook so that you may return it after you are finished with it.

Buy it during Sale Event or Refurbished Electronics 

If you buy your laptops during a sale then you can save a significant sum of money. The high prices of laptops means that if you can find a good sale, one where they have 50% off or more, then you could end up saving a large sum of money. Look around at different stores on-line and in your area. Try to use on-line coupons. A good way to get a good sale price is to buy a refurbished laptop. These laptops are normally backed by a warranty from the manufacturer or whoever the refurbisher was.

Student Discounts

Student discounts are always worth taking advantage of. Check with your local shops and see if they accept your student ID for student discounts. Many on-line retailers also offer student discounts on everything from software to everyday purchases

Pre-Paid Phones

Cell phones can be really expensive. Oftentimes a monthly cell phone contract is not necessary. You can save money by using prepaid phones instead. Prepaid phones come with many benefits. You will pay less monthly with a prepaid phone. You also don’t have to worry about contract cancellation fees.

Pursue scholarships

Pursue scholarships whenever possible. Scholarship and grants can obviously help you reduce the overall cost of your college education.

Be Digital –

Don’t buy unnecessary school supplies. Why buy cumbersome notebooks when you can type on your laptop? It’s better for the earth anyway!

Use Cash Back Sites, Coupons and Reward Sites

You can also use cash back websites or cash back credit cards or any other reward sites to get cash back on anything you buy. There are good cash back credit cards from Chase and Discover. www.cashbackkhoj.com is your best bet to find the cash back site paying highest cash back. Also don’t forget to read reviews who is paying cash back and who is not.

Happy Saving !!

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