Are the cashback sites not paying you back?

Are the cashback sites not paying you back?

Well, you may well have heard about the cashback mania that is taking the online shoppers with a storm. But do you belief every site is paying on time what was promised?  A number of sites are just built for the sake of business and who really don’t pay the customers well enough and on time, or deny paying more often. What will you do in such scenario? How will you find out the genuine sites amongst the huge number of cashback websites that are trying hard to make a mark on the web?

Read review- The best way to find out genuineness of any site is to read reviews. Well, a review writer gets heavily paid to do their own research and submit the truth about the website. They include every fault and disadvantages of using the casback sites which is quite helpful to make a decision. Besides they have positive reviews as well, which can guide you to choose the better site that pays good cashback.

Search complaints-Another idea one can use to find out which site is good or bad is to search by the name of the site and adding complaints. Like for example the site name is ABCD so you have to search in any search engine by ABCD complaints and find out what people are actually complaining about regarding the site. The common problems of the cashback site will come out clear.

Communicate with the users- The best way to find out the quality of a website is to ask from an existing user. If they are happy then you can least sure the website is genuine.  If you have any friend, relative or colleagues using the site for a while, enquire them about their experience with the site. They can help you by sharing their experience with various sites and help you choose the best one.

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